Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Outsider

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show on the 19th. Playing with a band as sound and devastating as Cemetary Urn was a great honor. We were fortunate enough to have our good friend, Hollie Metrick, come out last night and film our entire set. Hopefully, we will have that footage to share soon.

Our recording went well and sounds better than we could have hoped for. We still have to record vocals and mix, but, at the beginning stages, it already sounds like we have done what we set out to do in the first place. Dark, depraved, and found somewhere in the void of sanity and lawlessness, this forthcoming material finds us finally coming into our sound as a band and is aptly named The Oath of the Abyss.

The track listing is as followed:

1. Accretion/Cacaphonic Dementia
2. Descent
3. The Chasm
4. Desecrated Omnipresence
5. Penitence
6. Consummating Crypts of Eternity
7. The Oath of the Abyss

More updates as they unfold.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Outsider

RN is scheduled to go into the studio late Sept. to record approximately 7-8 songs including two tracks off the demo. It is unknown what will become of these tracks, as dementia will surely set in within the early stages of recording. Parasitic has once again decided to brave the insanity and looks to harness this on to some sort of format for listening consumption.

The light is weak.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The mouth of madness has been opened...

Ritual Necromancy - Demo 2009 CS Out Now!

+taken from Parasitc Records+

*RITUAL NECROMANCY 'Demo 2009' cassette $5
First cassette release for Parasitic.
4 Track demo of dark, cavernous death metal from Portland, OR. 3 original tracks and a cover of SEPULTURA'S 'Troops of Doom'. Heavy on atmosphere and devoid of any technical wankery. Members of other well know Portland metal bands.

Order from

Monday, February 1, 2010

Update 2/01/10

The material for the forthcoming demo was sent for mastering on Jan. 24th.

We have new material in the works. Looking to record 3 or 4 new songs in an actual studio for upcoming splits/demo for full length(possibly).

The Portal gig for Portland has been confirmed. The Seattle show is still tentative.

May 18th 2010
Worm Ouroboros
Ritual Necromancy

at Satyricon
Portland, OR